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Grad School Series: How To Apply To Graduate School

Please read Should I Go To Graduate School? before reading this post. I also recommend reading Dr. Reed's background to give you context. Applying to graduate school can be a little overwhelming. Not only are there a lot of steps, but also it is usually a time of uncertainty. You are about to make a pretty large life commitment, but it is usually uncertain whether and where you’ll be accepted and what your life is going to look like. Plus, applying to graduate school can take

Grad School Series: Should I Go To Graduate School?

I recommend reading the first blog post in this series which provides information about Dr. Reed's background for context. Before continuing on in this post, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions: Why do you want to go to graduate school? What is your end goal? Those of you who have spoken to me directly about graduate school will recognize this as the first questions I always ask. This is because the most important question about graduate school is the

Grad School Series: Meet Dr. Reed

Every semester, I have at least a dozen undergraduate students contacting me for advice about graduate school. Questions take many forms – what will make me competitive? How do I apply? How do I get in? What is graduate school like? Should I get a MA/PhD/JD/MD? How long is graduate school? I have spoken to UTEP’s PsiChi Society about getting into graduate school (I encourage you to watch this video if you would like to have a walk-through presentation), but based on the conti

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